President and CEO
(Undersecretary in Rank)
Philippine International Trading Corporation


 Dave M. Almarinez has led flourishing careers in global business, politics, public and civic affairs.

He envisions to help the entrepreneurs reach and expand markets globally and achieve economic freedom.

His goal for PITC is to expand its services to bring Filipino entrepreneurs across Asia and to the entire global market. Mr. Almarinez dreams to exemplify the heart of a Filipino entrepreneur through his collaborative leadership that echoes boldness and passion to achieve real economic progress and inclusive growth for all Filipinos.

Prior to Mr. Almarinez’ current appointment as PITC President and CEO (Undersecretary in Rank), he has gained remarkable professional experience and significant executive leadership accomplishments in various private multinational corporations where he held several senior executive positions.

Driven to succeed, he brings to PITC skills, international experience, insights, sound judgment and business sense which, together with his strategic networking relationships, serve to further the interests of PITC. With twenty (20) years of very rewarding executive management, entrepreneurial and public service experience, he has acquired strong diplomatic skills and a natural affinity for cultivating relationships and persuading, convening, facilitating and building consensus among diverse individuals.

Mr. Almarinez started his career in public service in 2007 when he was elected as a Provincial Board member of Laguna and consistently ranked Number 1 in the local elections: 2007, 2013 and 2016.

Gaining momentum in his political career, he finds joy in giving and has started several charities and volunteer services since 2004: providing scholarships, socialized programs for children and better healthcare for families in his province.

Mr. Almarinez demonstrates a well-founded knowledge on Global Business, Financial Management, Political Strategy and Policy Development. He took up Political Science at the Far Eastern University. Always harboring determination, attended Harvard Business School’s Global Strategic Management Program.

In 2013, he authored a self-help book for would-be entrepreneurs, “The Blind Spot” and published a self-help book authored by three beauty queens, “Secrets of Beauty Queens” in 2014 and “Daughter of the Sun and the Moon” in 2015.


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