We help Philippine entrepreneurs find their way onto the global market through business product-matching, global supply chain management and stakeholder relationship management. We bring the best of the Philippines to the world.

Whether it is through our highly prized agricultural crops and produce such as sugar, bananas, mangoes, pineapples to our acclaimed designs in fashion, accessories, décor and furniture, Philippine products and craftsmanship are globally recognized. Our vast network of local sectoral partners, coupled with our full-cycle trading services, help local companies—especially SMEs—break new grounds internationally.

Assistance to Foreign Buyers

We work with International buyers or importers by sourcing Philippine commodities, uniquely crafted products and traditionally or organically grown produce. Our services include:

  • Sourcing products and service requirements
  • Assurance of product and service quality
  • Price and terms matching
  • Assistance or facilitation of logistics, warehousing, transport and shipping requirements up to the point of delivery.

Our PITC Export Service Package makes procurement from the Philippines less tedious and more efficient and economical. Our catalogue of Philippine Products can be accessed thru our website www.pitc.gov.ph.

Assistance to Exporters and Producers

We equip Filipino manufacturers, producers and suppliers—especially SMEs— with basic exporting tips to compete in the world stage. First, we ensure their products are world-class by having them pass our strict quality standards. Then we partner with these companies by providing them with relevant information, advice, and assistance in the aspects of product development, raw materials sourcing, packaging, marketing and business development, logistics, and even financing.

We link these Philippine suppliers with our international clients, which include supermarkets, department stores, retail and wholesale outlets, manufacturing companies, construction firms, and foreign governments. We also enable our local exporters to enter non-traditional markets to offset our country’s procurement from foreign suppliers, through Countertrade.

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What are the Trading & Export auxiliary services we offer?

• Buyer Supplier Matching
• Product Sourcing
• Coordinator of Orders
• Production Monitoring
• Quality Inspection and Assurance
• Order Consolidation
• Export Documentation
• Shipping Arrangements
• Coordination of Buyer’s Visits
• Coordination with Government Agencies

Contact Information

Joel S. Rodriguez

OIC-Vice President
Trunk Line: (+632) 8818-9801 loc 360
Fax No. : (+632) 8892-2054
Email : jsrodriguez@pitc.gov.ph

Exports and Imports Department

Direct Line Line: (+632) 8892-3335