PITC Pres. and CEO Dave M. Almarinez visits Davao del Norte banana growers


President and CEO Dave M. Almarinez visits Davao del Norte to meet small-scale banana farmers and plantation workers and hear their stories of challenges and inequality in marketing and exporting their grown harvests. Lack of market power, established price, and security of sales contracts are some of the critical issues identified during the discussion.

In Davao del Norte, the banana capital of the Philippines, Cavendish bananas are grown from small family farms to large commercial plantations. The industry provides employments for thousands of people and generates vital economic impact, not just in their region but in the whole country.

PITC recognizes the difficulties faced by our hardworking farmers in competing in the global market. It is our mission to help our planters by giving access to market information and requirements so they can make informed decision and have the ability to negotiate and receive fair and decent pricing of their crops.

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